3 Vietnamese must-see neighbourhoods - Vietnam Pavilion Expo 2020

3 must-see neighbourhoods in Vietnam

In Vietnam, a stroll around the block is an adventure with architectural gems, hidden alleyways, and pavements full of life. Read on for a quick introduction to three of Vietnam’s most captivating neighbourhoods, where you’ll find secret local eats, Instagram-worthy spots, and amazing history lessons.

Hội An Ancient Town

A busy trading port turned peaceful riverside town, Hội An captures travellers with its network of tiny back streets, rows of lantern-lit shophouses, and serene boat rides. Life moves at a leisurely pace here. Take a break and explore this charming town on foot or by bicycle.

Hoi An - Vietnam's must-see neighbourhood - Vietnam Pavilion Expo 2020

The Ancient Town is known for its shimmering lanterns after dark, but early in the morning is also a lovely time to visit its quiet streets. Structures such as Phúc Kiến Assembly Hall, the Japanese Bridge, and Trần Family Chapel will take you back in time hundreds of years. Tea houses and souvenir shops in Hội An are filled with products inspired by the best of Vietnam.

Chợ Lớn in Ho Chi Minh City

Colourful and chaotic, you don’t want to miss Chợ Lớn in Ho Chi Minh City. An infectious buzz runs through the streets, where you’ll find merchants, restaurateurs, and store owners hustling about late into the night.

Cho Lon - Vietnam's must-see neighbourhood - Vietnam Pavilion Expo 2020

Bình Tây and An Đông markets are two Chợ Lớn hotspots for trading and haggling. The area is also home to many striking pagodas and temples, including Bà Thiên Hậu, which display decorations and relics dating back to the 17th century. In dimsum houses sprinkled all over District 5, locals catch up over delicious dumplings, steamed buns, and hand-pulled noodles.

Hanoi Old Quarter

Every layer of Vietnam’s beautiful capital can be found in the Old Quarter. Street food vendors spread out their baskets next to hip cafes, mossy pagodas nestle in narrow paths, and aerobics groups meet just around the corner from art galleries.

Hanoi's Old Quarter - Vietnam's must-see neighbourhood - Vietnam Pavilion Expo 2020

For the past one thousand years, the neighbourhood surrounding Hoàn Kiếm Lake has been the place to visit when you’re in Hanoi. Hanoi’s most famous coffee shops can be located inside tube houses with small balconies overlooking the lively streets. At night, Tháp Rùa, the Turtle Tower, is lit up on the lake, and eateries serve steaming bowls of bún thang on the sidewalks.

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