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Beautiful Nature

If you’ve never been to Vietnam, you’ll be surprised by the diversity of nature within just this one country. Come for a visit, and you will be spoiled for wonderful natural landscapes and seascapes.

Regional characteristics

The north of Vietnam is a rugged region of mountains and valleys, known for centuries-old rice terraces that are a glowing green in the planting season, and golden with rice in the harvest season. In the center of Vietnam, scenic rivers and lagoons create peaceful hamlets on the plain, and wide, sandy beaches stretch down Vietnam’s central coast. In the south of Vietnam, the Mekong River flows steadily into a wide delta, carving mangrove forests and tropical islets along the way.  

Islands and beaches

A beach holiday is never far away when you’re in Vietnam. Beach lovers and sunseekers have plenty of destinations to choose from along Vietnam’s long coastline. The islands off Nha Trang and Phú Quốc are blessed with turquoise waters, soft white sand, and coral reefs. A short plane ride from Ho Chi Minh City, turtles hatch on the remote shores of Côn Đảo. 

Iconic scenery

Of many memorable places in Vietnam, a few world-class wonders stand out. Hạ Long Bay, two hours from the capital of Hanoi, is an enchanting tableau of jungle-covered karsts rising up from calm emerald water. Sapa is another must-see destination where majestic mountains and perfectly symmetrical rice terraces serve visitors one breathtaking panorama after another.

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Nature in Vietnam

  • Vietnam has an unbreakable bond with rice, which is cultivated across the country. In the centre and south, rice is grown in paddies on flat plains; but in the north, rice is grown in spellbinding

  • Offshore, off-site, and off the grid—you can always count on Vietnam for a tropical getaway. Scattered over the East Sea and down the length of the country, Vietnam’s islands boast pristine sandy beaches, fresh seafood,

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