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5 must-try dishes at the Vietnam Pavilion

Vietnamese warmly describe foodies as those with ‘tâm hồn ăn uống’, which translates to ‘the soul for food.’ In a country where fresh ingredients and delicious food are always only a few footsteps away, it’s easy to fall in love with eating. But don’t just take our word for it: Stop by the Vietnam Pavilion and see what makes Vietnamese cuisine so enticing. Below are five must-try dishes at our pavilion that will satisfy food-loving souls (and stomachs).

Gỏi cuốn

Fresh Spring Rolls - Vietnamese Food - Vietnam Pavilion Expo 2020Beat the afternoon heat in Dubai with a few gỏi cuốn (fresh spring rolls). Here’s a treat you will find all over the sidewalks in Ho Chi Minh City. This southern Vietnamese snack is made for hot summer days. Rice paper wraps around plump shrimp, boiled pork belly, crispy lettuce, and fresh herbs to create a refreshing roll that is full of texture. Dip your gỏi cuốn in thick peanut sauce for a mouthful of flavour.

Bánh mì

At any time of day, you can be sure that someone in Vietnam is eating bánh mì. Countless variations of bánh mì are enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Vietnam. In this simple yet irresistible sandwich, a crispy baguette is filled with paté and butter, slices of chicken or pork, Vietnamese ham, pickled carrot and cucumber, then drizzled with a savoury sauce. One bite is all it takes to get hooked on bánh mì.


Pho - Vietnamese Food - Vietnam Pavilion Expo 2020When in doubt, go for phở. This classic Vietnamese noodle soup never disappoints. Each bowl of phở is a testament to the finesse of northern Vietnamese cuisine. The broth calls for at least 10 ingredients, including star anise, clove, cardamom, coriander pods and cinnamon sticks. A dry version of phở is also available at our pavilion, in which the noodles are tossed with shrimp, bean sprouts, greens, and a special sauce.

Bánh cuốn

Making bánh cuốn (steamed rice rolls) takes skill. Rice batter is spread as thinly as possible on a steaming surface for mere seconds before it is topped with shiitake mushroom, minced pork, and shallots, then folded into silky rolls. You’ll have to visit a bánh cuốn joint on the streets of Hanoi to fully appreciate the artistry that goes into making this dish. But for now, enjoy these tasty rolls at the Vietnam Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Cà phê

Vietnamese Coffee - Vietnam Pavilion Expo 2020Missed the directions to our food corner? The rich and tempting aroma of Vietnamese robusta will lead you here. Pair any dish from our menu with a cup of cà phê nâu đá (iced coffee with condensed milk) just like a Vietnamese local, or take a short coffee break before heading to the next performance or exhibition at our pavilion. If you like what you’re tasting (and you will), find out more about Vietnam’s world-famous beans at the Vietnamese coffee area on the first floor.

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