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Fantastic Food

Freshness is at the heart of Vietnamese food. Once you try Vietnamese cuisine, you’ll see it’s a never-ending discovery. 

Delightful street food

Vietnam’s best restaurants can be found right on its sidewalks. Follow the smoky aroma on the streets of Hanoi to a bún chả (noodles with grilled pork) eatery, or buy warm xôi (sticky rice) from a vendor’s bamboo basket. There’s nothing more Vietnamese than ordering a hot, crunchy bánh mì for breakfast, or sitting down to a steaming bowl of phở noodles. Don’t miss it!

Regional representations 

Vietnamese regional dishes reflect the environment and way of life all around the country. Northerners take pride in sophisticated recipes, such as bún thang (chicken rice noodles) which takes hours to prepare. Central Vietnam’s Imperial roots and love for spices come together in delicate dishes such as cơm sen (lotus rice) and nem lụi (pork skewers.) In the south, cá kho tộ (claypot fish) and canh chua (sour soup) showcase the Mekong Delta’s abundant fresh seafood. 

Coffee culture 

Nothing wakes you up like a cup of Vietnamese coffee. High quality robusta trees grow in the nutrient-rich basaltic soil of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. These coffee beans are one of Vietnam’s most-loved exports. Coffee culture is unique in every part of Vietnam, and you’ll find hundreds of cafes in each city. The classic way of brewing coffee in Vietnam uses a tin drip filter. Watching the world go by while waiting for your coffee to brew in this way is part of the experience.

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