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Timeless culture

Vietnam inherited its cultural wealth from thousands of years of history. Through it all, the Vietnamese have kept a strong sense of pride in their traditions and way of life. 


Vietnam is home to eight UNESCO Heritage Sites. Each one lends fascinating insight into the Vietnamese way of life and the country’s precious natural treasures. The Huế Citadel and tombs of the Nguyen Kings are a window into the royal court of the Nguyễn Dynasty. The riverside town of Hội An was once a busy trading port for merchants from all over the world. Elsewhere in Vietnam you’ll find ruins of ancient empires and magnificent landscapes that are part of Vietnam’s living heritage.

Sidewalk culture

Life in Vietnam happens on the streets. Here, streets are not just for walking. The streets and sidewalks are for buying and selling, eating street food and catching up over coffee, having a haircut or taking a nap. In Vietnam’s major cities, the streets are alive with the hum of millions of motorcycles, and you can feel the energy buzzing around every corner. 

Ethnic communities

Vietnam is home to a vibrant collage of ethnic groups. There are 54 recognised ethnicities that filter into hundreds of subgroups. These minorities each practice a unique culture, with specific rituals, intricate costumes, and distinct dialects. The best way to understand Vietnam’s ethnic makeup is through hands-on experiences such as staying at ethnic homestays and taking textile workshops. Encounters with ethnic groups are always a highlight when in Vietnam. 

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Culture in Vietnam

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